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Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits – $149

Virtual Visits App

The Virtual Visits app lets you connect with a doctor when you need quick, convenient treatment. Skip the trip to the office and video consult a doctor from home, work, or anywhere in California. A face-to-face visit with a doctor is only a few clicks away.


Why patients love Virtual Visits

  • No commute, no waiting rooms, no time off work.
  • Access to a doctor — from anywhere in California.
  • Refill a prescription without a trip to the doctor.
  • Manage your health conditions from the comfort of your own home.
  • Get help now, rather than see the doctor when your symptoms worsen.
  • If a Virtual Visits doctor can not take care of your problem, come into Urgent 9, Urgent Care Center within 24 hours at no additional cost.
  • Even though, this service is currently not available through your insurance provider, You will save money by avoiding unnecessary travel and time away from work.
  • An online consultation with the doctors can provide examinations, diagnoses, advice, and prescriptions without the seemingly endless waiting associated with traditional doctor visits.

About Urgent 9, Urgent Care Center

Urgent 9, Urgent Care Center is one of the most comprehensive urgent care centers complete with its own imaging center. Why is that important? Because it is the closest thing to an Emergency Room at a fraction of the cost.

Your doctor’s visit, simplified.

Get high-quality care on your schedule.
Say goodbye to wasted time.
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Healthcare should be convenient. Urgent 9 Virtual Visits makes connecting with your doctor simple.

How It Works

With Virtual Visits, getting the care you need is simple. Here’s how it works:


Create your account


Request a remote visit


Connect with your doctor


Get treatment

Frequently asked questions, answered.

Q: How can my doctor treat me without a physical exam?

A: Your doctor actually doesn’t need to do a physical exam to diagnose and treat many conditions. That’s because knowing your medical history is considered “90% of the evaluation” when combined with the doctor-patient interaction. How you’re feeling can be just as important to your doctor as the results of a physical exam. Plus, being able to see you and view any picture uploads via Virtual Visits gives your doctor the additional visual information needed to make a diagnosis.

Q: Can my doctor prescribe medication?

A: Yes. If your doctor decides you need treatment, he or she will send your prescription electronically to your pharmacy so it’s ready to pick-up when you arrive.

Q: What conditions can my doctor treat via the Virtual Visits app?

A: Doctors can use the Virtual Visits app to treat and manage a wide range of conditions, from sinus infections to post-operation follow-up care. Check with Urgent 9 to get a more complete list of the conditions.

Q: What conditions cannot be treated via Virtual Visits?

A: If you have a medical emergency, please dial 911 immediately. Virtual Visits shouldn’t be used for emergency care.

Q: Is my medical information secure?

A: Yes. The Virtual Visits app is 100% HIPAA compliant, so any personal health information you provide is completely safe and secure.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to use the Virtual Visits app?

A: You do need a few basics: a computer or compatible mobile device (tablet or smart-phone), a web-cam, and a microphone. If your computer or mobile device already has an integrated camera and microphone, you shouldn’t need any extra equipment to get started.

Q: I’m not very tech-savvy. Is Virtual Visits still for me?

A: Yes! We designed the Virtual Visits app to be very user-friendly. Imagine Skype, but with a few more bells and whistles to give you and your doctor everything you need to have a successful visit.

Q: What to expect from an online doctor consultation?

A: When you meet with a telemedicine physician, you will have a chance to explain the physical conditions or symptoms that concern you. You will be able to ask the doctor questions and get the answers you need right away. You will also be able to schedule follow-up visits and annual exams per your doctor’s recommendations. You can finally get medical care on your terms. Rather than put your life on hold just to visit your doctor’s office or urgent care facility, Urgent 9 offers virtual visits that keep you and your family healthy without interrupting your work, family life, or vacation.

Getting started is easy!

Getting started is easy! Ask the Urgent 9 staff about setting up a Virtual Visits account.