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Warren Buffett Calls Health Care A “Tapeworm” On U.S. Economy

26 Mar, 2018

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in the world, and he recently aimed his economic knowledge at one target in particular: the U.S. healthcare system, which he likened to a tapeworm.

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What Are “Smart Pills?”

14 Mar, 2018

Many pundits believe that so-called “smart pills” will be a major treatment option in the near future, even potentially replacing some traditional diagnostic methods. So, what are “smart pills,” anyway?

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Is Loneliness A Public Health Crisis?

23 Jan, 2018

Various studies have shown that feeling lonely — and living alone — can raise your risk of a premature death. Now, the UK is leading the world in an effort to reduce its citizens’ loneliness.

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Have You Had Your Hearing Checked Lately?

16 Jan, 2018

Hearing loss is an incredibly common age-related condition, but we don’t talk enough about what can be done to protect and preserve your hearing as you get older.

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What Does Your Cough Mean?

09 Jan, 2018

As you’re probably aware, flu season is in full swing and lots of people in LA are feeling under the weather. But coughs come in different varieties and suggest different things: so if you’ve got one, learn what to look for.

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Allergic To Eggs? You Can Still Get A Flu Shot.

19 Dec, 2017

In the past, people who have egg allergies were warned of potential complications that could arise from getting a flu shot. But new data and tireless research has found the risks to be far less than the benefits.

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Are You Married? You Might Have A Lower Risk Of Dementia.

14 Dec, 2017

Dementia, or the diminishing brain function associated with age, is a scary prospect. But new data suggests being married might guard against its onset.

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The Canyon Fire 2 Might Be Affecting Your Health

11 Oct, 2017

The Canyon Fire is raging in Orange County. Did you wake up this week feeling different? Wildfires can be dangerous even if you’re not directly exposed to flames.

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UCLA Will Screen New Freshmen For Depression

26 Sep, 2017

UCLA already offers comprehensive lifestyle services and programs for new students — and now, they’re adding depression-specific screening to that mix.

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The Truth About Drinking While Pregnant

12 Sep, 2017

Expectant mothers have received mixed messages regarding the safety of drinking alcoholic beverages on very rare occasions while pregnant. Here’s the truth about pregnancy and alcohol consumption.

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