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Urgent 9 Is The Future of Healthcare

Direct, Flexible Payment Options

If you need a doctor in Glendale, one of your first concerns is probably how you’ll pay for your health care. In a world where the insurance marketplace is constantly changing and many people are without coverage entirely, Urgent 9 is here to provide high quality, compassionate care at reasonable prices with flexible payment options. Our “Everything Plan” provides a full week of comprehensive health care for a fraction of what the same services would cost in a hospital setting.

A Fully-Featured Imaging Center

Our state-of- the-art Glendale care center includes an in-house imaging center with brand new imaging technology that is as good or better than what you’re likely to find in an emergency room — yet another reason why you should consider going to a Glendale doctor at Urgent 9 instead of an ER. Our imaging center is fully equipped with xray, CT scan, and ultrasound abilities that allow us to see over 85% of patients that might otherwise go to a traditional ER.

Inexpensive, Quality Health Care: The Way It Should Be

One week of unlimited care. $499. Sound too good to be true? Believe it or not, it’s real. We’re shaking up the medical industrial complex and turning insurance billing practices on their head. Instead of making an insurance claim, you’ll make an affordable direct payment to our urgent care center a la carte for only the services you need. Best of all, a week of high quality health care will never exceed $499.

Glendale Community Based Medicine

Whether you’re looking for a Glendale urgent care pharmacy, imaging center, checkup, or you simply want to consult with a compassionate family doctor like Dr. Momjian, Urgent 9 is your home for health care in Glendale. We actively support and love our Glendale community, year round.

Quality Health Care
Should Heal Your Body
Without Harming Your Wallet

Know Your Exact Cost With Our Payment Calculator

Use our pricing calculator to figure out exactly how much you can expect to pay: no surprises, no overcharges, just transparent direct payment for the exact medical services you need. Best of all, you’ll never pay more than $499 for a week of medical care at Urgent 9 (with the rare exception of certain procedures).

Leaders In The Direct Payment Movement

As more and more doctors and urgent care centers embrace direct payment instead of outdated and ineffective insurance billing practices, health care is becoming accessible for everyone again. Low costs, incredibly transparent pricing. That’s how we’re able to operate without any insurance billing whatsoever.

A Fraction Of The Cost Of The Emergency Room

Urgent 9’s diagnostic and imaging capabilities are on par with most emergency rooms in Southern California. Instead of being stuck in the waiting room, only to be charged thousands of dollars for procedures you may or may not need (and never consented to), consider visiting a Glendale urgent care center that truly has your best interests at heart.

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